The Mirror Crack’d…Daily Prompt



M LeunigThis subject has got me excited…. 🙂 …why…because I get to introduce you guys to a great cartoonist…Michael Leunig. Most of you probably know him or his work. I recently got introduced to his cartoons and the simplicity and the profound messages which he conveys through them has me in awe of this great guy 🙂 . 

So as you see in this cartoon by him, it shows us how the pressure of looking good in front of others affects our behaviour. So what if all the mirrors of the world disappeared… 🙂 well I think it is practically impossible as long as we have water on Earth….the very first natural mirror 😀 . But let us assume for argument sake that we don’t have any means to look at ourselves. The implications are vast and possibly beyond my meagre thinking capacity 🙂 . Will we see ourselves through other’s eyes…or their perception? Most probably. How will that affect us…depending on what type of people you surround yourselves with, we will either have high confidence or low confidence about how our physical appearance is. Or another possibility…what if we stopped believing other people’s perception about us (for physical beauty), we will concentrate only on the inner beauty. We don’t know how we look, so let us concentrate on how we are as a person…seems logical to me.

On a lighter note…the more beautiful of the two sexes (i.e. we females…obviously :D) will be in a big big trouble. How the hell do we apply makeup and show ourselves younger than we are…. 😀 . How do we know that there are two strands of white hair grown right where everybody can see 😉 . Would be a disaster right… 😛 . 

Overall I feel, the disappearance of mirror might…just might be helpful and bring our natural side as a person into light, which I believe is always good rather than the masks we put on…damn suffocating most of them.


Pains and Gains …Daily Prompt

“Pains and Gains”….today’s dp….

Today’s subject is interesting. I think most of the people will unequivocally agree, that till you put on your sweat and time you won’t achieve the necessary results. Though there may be a few percentage going for the quick route to money and success. But I wonder, for such people, though superficially they do not seem to suffer hardship and pains…in their minds and hearts, with all the negative feelings like guilt and fear….I think they suffer more.

Thinking of this subject, I remembered the movie Italian job. Even for a robbery, they painstakingly detail out to the last minute…or Oceans series…similar case. In Arthur Hailey’s book  “Hotel”, one of my favourites (have read countless times 🙂 and everytime  find something new that I might have missed the other times), their is a character “Keycase Milne”, who is a thief using stolen hotel room keys to gain entry into the rooms. The level of detail shown in which he plans out everything…thinking ahead, what might be the action taken by the hotel…how much time it will take…linking it to the local accident news so that police will be busy searching accident perpetrator and won’t immediately follow up on the hotel’s complaint…..and I could go on and on. Hailey never ceases to amaze me 🙂 .

As personally for me…yes I believe in that motto “no pain no gain”. I wouldn’t know how to go for the shortcut even if I tried. There are countless examples…but the most common…when I try to complete all the pending house work in a single day 😀 – includes cleaning of fans…kitchen…fridge…and so on…u guys know 🙂 . Generally I neglect doing it for days and days until I can’t take it anymore…the pathetic state of my poor house 😉 …and so starts the cleaning drive. My hubby always remember and have to do everything in a single day…which is partly true coz once the zeal is lost and daily routine starts I know I won’t be doing these things soon. And also it gives me the reason to ask him to order some food from outside 😀 . Two sparrows killed in one go…or arrow…whatever they say [if you have read my earlier dp, u know of my interest in cooking ;)].

mmmm..I can see today’s post has me writing more than usual. Guess will stop now…and think about starting today’s cleaning drive and who all will be its subjects 😉 .


Lifestyled Islander

“But the real fierceness of desire, the real heat of a passion long continued and withering up the soul of a man, is the craving for identity with the woman that he loves. He desires to see with the same eyes, to touch with the same sense of touch, to hear with the same ears, to lose his identity, to be enveloped, to be supported. For, whatever may be said of the relation of the sexes, there is no man who loves a woman that does not desire to come to her for the renewal of his courage, for the cutting asunder of his difficulties. And that will be the mainspring of his desire for her. We are all so afraid, we are all so alone, we all so need from the outside the assurance of our own worthiness to exist.”

― Ford Madox Ford, The Good Soldier

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New dawn…daily prompt

I love dawn…when I managed to wake early…which is not very often 🙂 . It’s a perfect time to spot different birds and hear their calls, though I don’t understand most of them. My bird watching hobby extends only up to spotting the bird, watching it while my mind is dancing for having spotted it and if I have a camera in hand, taking a snap 🙂 . Mostly I’m too lazy to wake before 7 or 7.30 on office days and 9 or 10 on weekends.

There have been special occasions though… 🙂 . It has been a tradition in our home to stay and celebrate the new year with family rather than go out with friends. Generally we used to watch the programs for new year they gave on TV, cook some favourite dishes and stay up till 12. One year though, I thought of doing something different. That year my grandpa was also with us. I knew he would not really enjoy watching these programs. So we slept at our normal time…and woke up at five thirty the next morning. The idea was to watch the first dawn of the next year 🙂 . Cool idea isn’t it 😉 .

We have a place near our home which is on a sort of hill. You can reach by your car… many people come there for morning walk. So there we were, all up and ready to watch the first sunrise of coming year. There was some light and few people were already up and about their daily walks. We had reached early and waited and waited for the sun to come up. Firstly it took some time to fix the direction from where it would come up 😀 (morning sky all looks the same and unless u know east from west, it is hard to find sun ;)). The morning breeze and December cold had us putting our hands in pockets and draped in mufflers and scarfs and what not. So thus we waited for the lord of the sky to show us his first glimpse.

And there it was…slowly coming up…a shining ball of red and orange…gradually lighting up the whole sky with morning colours. It was a beautiful sight as sunrise or sunsets always are; and watching with my family made it even more special. There are other occasions but this one I remembered prominently.  Perhaps it is to write this post, I might have had that idea at the time…who knows 😉 .

Perfect host

I am the host…
and you are my guest..
whether you are or not..
I have to be at my best..
it is our tradition you see..
guests are placed in line with the Almighty..
not that I have a problem with it..
but being shown less than respect..
I am not sure anymore..
whether to extend my hospitality..
or politely show you the door..
but be rest assured..
any option I chose..
will always be that of a perfect host..

Loved again…

You make me feel special..
like someone worthy..
of being loved..
and appreciated..
and for some time…
my heart soars high..
in a light of its own..
filling every corner of my being..
with joy and sunshine..
but sometimes there is only night..
with cold grieving darkness..
and loneliness in heart..
Its an uphill battle with self..
to find balance and hope again..
Its a time I need you the most..
a quick hug and kiss..
affection given freely..
goes a long way..
to keep the inner demons at bay..
and make me feel loved again..

August Blues – Daily Prompt

“As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?”

June month marks the start of monsoon season in India…and along with it start of the schools as well. As a kid, with no real tensions, starting of school in a higher grade was an exciting event. It generally included a new set of uniform, new books, possibly bag too, new shoes. The events before the first day of school generally included buying the particular standard books, wrapping them in brown covers and stickers with our name on it. It was fun. 🙂 Plus, opening of school also means we meet our friends after a long gap of month and half or two, which was another thing to look forward too 🙂 . So there were no blues for this time…literally since it used to rain 😀 and otherwise…

As to the summer, it was a fab time for me and younger bro. We generally went to our grandparents’ house or to aunt’s for almost the whole summer. Mom used to accompany for some days…but as she was a working woman… 🙂 . I have three younger cousins..two bro and our youngest sis. We made a happy group 🙂 . Ah…it was a great time…as was our time with our grandparents. It is mango season during summers…a feast so to say 🙂 …we used to all sit around grandpa (to get some tidbits before the actual feast 🙂 ) while he removed all possible juice from a dozen mangoes …

Now, summer has lost its meaning..absolutely. Apart from increase in humidity and scorching heat and trouble in commuting to office…nothing signifies this season for me now. There are no summer holidays at job…no trend as off now. Maybe when I will have kids, this season will be important for me once more. For now, monsoon…after the first round of showers is over…and there is green everywhere you look…and a game of light and shadow is on between the sun rays and clouds 🙂 that is the season I love most…