The Road

There was once a road..
An imaginary wonderful road..
A magical road..
It took you where you wanted to be..
Whether to be with someone..
Or to be just yourself..
Or to be something besides yourself..
Anything was possible..
Anything was achievable..
When you were on this road..
Then sometime along the way..
this road started disappearing..
Slowly but gradually..
One by one..
Things became difficult..
Things felt impossible..
And then I realized I had finally grown up..
Became an adult..
And not in a better sense too..
So sometimes I let things go..
To be a little crazy..
To be a little childish..
To still believe in the magic of life
So that that road does not vanish altogether..


7 thoughts on “The Road

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  2. A road with u
    There was once a road..
    An imaginary wonderful road.
    A boulevard of dreams…
    It leads to what you are already,
    The road naive, twists and turns,
    For it disliked the tall grass
    as they shadowed the road…
    The road vanished, became impossible to see
    It led the SEER into the forest lush green,
    and through the murky boughs unseen,
    and the plains, shady green,
    to trod through all,
    before the end, the SEER will look back
    into a vision of a lonely path,
    and see it would be the NH4,
    with all the bumps and turns
    for the piece of a heart, who follows after
    set on the magical road…..

    🙂 A road with you

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