You, Robot…Daily Prompt

If I had a robot...I would assign him / her to do most of the cooking…breakfast, lunch (if required) and dinnner :). That’s how lazy I am about cooking. But since here the robot can do only one chore, it would definitely be making all the preparations before starting all the cooking like cutting the vegetables, making sure all the spices are present to use, kneading the flour for rotis and so on. It is probably the reason why I tend to procrastinate it every time. It is not that it takes much time once started. But still…the very thought of making all the preps before actually starting the cooking is a bane in my culinary skills :). I keep thinking of the lucky guys on all those cook shows….they have everything ready at hand before they start making any dish. Wonder who makes all those preparations before the show :).

So yes…the one job I would assign my robot (provided he / she has culinary skills ;)) would be to make all the preparations required for making a meal / lunch / dinner (i.e. before every time I have to cook :D).

And I would definitely make it one chore every day …and not just for one day 🙂


One thought on “You, Robot…Daily Prompt

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