Discussion Enders…Daily Prompt

This DP made me remember one of the scenes I saw in a Tom Hanks / Meg Ryan movie “You’ve got a mail”. In the scene, they are online friends, decide to meet in real life but find out that they detest each other because of some reasons shown earlier. Atleast she does and says all the things which she has been meaning to say to him but didn’t out of the kindness in her heart. Now as she has actually responded perfectly, she should have been happy and at peace; but actually is not. She realizes that she has actually said awful things to the person and doesn’t feel at all good about it.

The point of narrating this was, though we may feel (and I have felt so countless times) that we have a perfect response to the argument, it may not be so…it might actually have worsened the argument. And if it is personal rather than professional, we definitely should think before we speak, because in the heat of the moment we say things we actually don’t mean and are just saying to gain a point over the other person.

And if it is remorse that has come too late or an apology, it is better late than never. It will give a closure to you and that person.

Nothing funny in this post I guess, but the topic doesn’t warrant one..


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