This post is dedicated to all the misfits of the world…including me..

All those people who ever had a feeling that they think differently from others…or don’t usually / sometimes follow others…or are baffled by choices of general public, whether in popular movie, music, politics, friends…anything are included in this category. 

Now something about me. I have always had a feeling about not being up to date with the present. Or most things that today’s public follow like senseless action drama movies for example are a puzzle to me. It is frustrating too most of the times, like you are born in the wrong era or with some erroneous combo of qualities 🙂 . Maybe it is so, and like the character in Michael Crichton’s book ‘Timeline’, we would be better suited in some other time 😉 .

I still remember in high school, when their had started a trend of having a girlfriend / boyfriend. It is not that I am against having a GF or BF (or both..possibly :D), but it was done in such a casual manner. Almost like a fashion. In a course of couple of months they had several public break-ups and patch-ups, which still seems totally ridiculous when I think about it.

Another thing which I detest is the lies which go on in the corporate world…for sales, marketing, getting new clients and projects; people will promise anything; say anything; do anything most of the times. Integrity in business seems like something which is stuffed in storage with things which are not usable anymore.

There are many other things still, but enough about me. I would like to hear from anyone reading this post, one thing they feel about themselves which misfits with the general trend….if you wish to that is… 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Misfits

  1. Yes feeling out of place. It is quite a common feeling once you get past the “trendies”.
    For me personally, my strong emotional feelings are often difficult to express because the major public perception is not to do so, or that doing so is a sign of weekness. When in fact, being able to share yourself so deeply takes great self-knowledge and courage. Thankfully, I receive a lot of support on wordpress for my sharing, and i have a few close friends who are encouraging about it.

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  2. I can certainly relate . . . I’ve never felt I particularly fit in . . . It never bothered me much honestly, I like being me, usually ~ I suppose those of us *misfits* have our own peculiar places we do in fact fit in, at least with each other :o)


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