Why, Thank You….Daily Prompt

I don’t really remember a backhanded compliment….because I don’t really believe when someone compliments on physical beauty. But one incident that keeps coming back, when someone said I was a mind-reader. Though the compliment is exaggerated obviously, you get the point. But that also puts a pressure on the one complimented (in this case…me) to actually live up to it, which cannot be possible every time. How can you guess someone else’s thoughts, when your own mind is a jumbled world.

Another totally different and professional incident was when our team had received a bonus far greater than anybody else in our group. This was because our incentives were based on the revenue we generated for the company and our team had one big account / project. But the real reason behind my feeling that I didn’t really deserve the congratulations and that much bonus was that I was a new joinee, an year old probably, and most of the important stuff about the project was done by my senior. So the reason I received that bonus was because I was lucky enough to be included in that team and off course company policy 🙂 

So there goes my today’s dp, a sombre one I guess…it is never really funny when you remember getting something you didn’t deserve….or received it just because of a turn in your luck…


4 thoughts on “Why, Thank You….Daily Prompt

  1. That performance pressure of “mind reading” was high when I was young. Especially after receiving such compliments you unknowingly set the bar too high for yourself. Sometimes you even end up feeling guilty!! Now I just laugh at myself being so emotional 🙂

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    • thanks mimi…I know I did work hard…but still it was a lot of gain in comparison to the hard work I put in…did enjoy by bonus though 😀 no doubt about that..


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