August Blues – Daily Prompt

“As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?”

June month marks the start of monsoon season in India…and along with it start of the schools as well. As a kid, with no real tensions, starting of school in a higher grade was an exciting event. It generally included a new set of uniform, new books, possibly bag too, new shoes. The events before the first day of school generally included buying the particular standard books, wrapping them in brown covers and stickers with our name on it. It was fun. 🙂 Plus, opening of school also means we meet our friends after a long gap of month and half or two, which was another thing to look forward too 🙂 . So there were no blues for this time…literally since it used to rain 😀 and otherwise…

As to the summer, it was a fab time for me and younger bro. We generally went to our grandparents’ house or to aunt’s for almost the whole summer. Mom used to accompany for some days…but as she was a working woman… 🙂 . I have three younger cousins..two bro and our youngest sis. We made a happy group 🙂 . Ah…it was a great time…as was our time with our grandparents. It is mango season during summers…a feast so to say 🙂 …we used to all sit around grandpa (to get some tidbits before the actual feast 🙂 ) while he removed all possible juice from a dozen mangoes …

Now, summer has lost its meaning..absolutely. Apart from increase in humidity and scorching heat and trouble in commuting to office…nothing signifies this season for me now. There are no summer holidays at job…no trend as off now. Maybe when I will have kids, this season will be important for me once more. For now, monsoon…after the first round of showers is over…and there is green everywhere you look…and a game of light and shadow is on between the sun rays and clouds 🙂 that is the season I love most…


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