Pains and Gains …Daily Prompt

“Pains and Gains”….today’s dp….

Today’s subject is interesting. I think most of the people will unequivocally agree, that till you put on your sweat and time you won’t achieve the necessary results. Though there may be a few percentage going for the quick route to money and success. But I wonder, for such people, though superficially they do not seem to suffer hardship and pains…in their minds and hearts, with all the negative feelings like guilt and fear….I think they suffer more.

Thinking of this subject, I remembered the movie Italian job. Even for a robbery, they painstakingly detail out to the last minute…or Oceans series…similar case. In Arthur Hailey’s book  “Hotel”, one of my favourites (have read countless times 🙂 and everytime  find something new that I might have missed the other times), their is a character “Keycase Milne”, who is a thief using stolen hotel room keys to gain entry into the rooms. The level of detail shown in which he plans out everything…thinking ahead, what might be the action taken by the hotel…how much time it will take…linking it to the local accident news so that police will be busy searching accident perpetrator and won’t immediately follow up on the hotel’s complaint…..and I could go on and on. Hailey never ceases to amaze me 🙂 .

As personally for me…yes I believe in that motto “no pain no gain”. I wouldn’t know how to go for the shortcut even if I tried. There are countless examples…but the most common…when I try to complete all the pending house work in a single day 😀 – includes cleaning of fans…kitchen…fridge…and so on…u guys know 🙂 . Generally I neglect doing it for days and days until I can’t take it anymore…the pathetic state of my poor house 😉 …and so starts the cleaning drive. My hubby always remember and have to do everything in a single day…which is partly true coz once the zeal is lost and daily routine starts I know I won’t be doing these things soon. And also it gives me the reason to ask him to order some food from outside 😀 . Two sparrows killed in one go…or arrow…whatever they say [if you have read my earlier dp, u know of my interest in cooking ;)].

mmmm..I can see today’s post has me writing more than usual. Guess will stop now…and think about starting today’s cleaning drive and who all will be its subjects 😉 .


3 thoughts on “Pains and Gains …Daily Prompt

  1. Saya: you write too good. It is in very simple language & also expressive. As I said, pl. preserve all ur writings i.e. ur poems & daily prompts. It will be a good collection for future. Keep it up.

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