The Mirror Crack’d…Daily Prompt



M LeunigThis subject has got me excited…. 🙂 …why…because I get to introduce you guys to a great cartoonist…Michael Leunig. Most of you probably know him or his work. I recently got introduced to his cartoons and the simplicity and the profound messages which he conveys through them has me in awe of this great guy 🙂 . 

So as you see in this cartoon by him, it shows us how the pressure of looking good in front of others affects our behaviour. So what if all the mirrors of the world disappeared… 🙂 well I think it is practically impossible as long as we have water on Earth….the very first natural mirror 😀 . But let us assume for argument sake that we don’t have any means to look at ourselves. The implications are vast and possibly beyond my meagre thinking capacity 🙂 . Will we see ourselves through other’s eyes…or their perception? Most probably. How will that affect us…depending on what type of people you surround yourselves with, we will either have high confidence or low confidence about how our physical appearance is. Or another possibility…what if we stopped believing other people’s perception about us (for physical beauty), we will concentrate only on the inner beauty. We don’t know how we look, so let us concentrate on how we are as a person…seems logical to me.

On a lighter note…the more beautiful of the two sexes (i.e. we females…obviously :D) will be in a big big trouble. How the hell do we apply makeup and show ourselves younger than we are…. 😀 . How do we know that there are two strands of white hair grown right where everybody can see 😉 . Would be a disaster right… 😛 . 

Overall I feel, the disappearance of mirror might…just might be helpful and bring our natural side as a person into light, which I believe is always good rather than the masks we put on…damn suffocating most of them.


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