Best Friend

It has been years…
since I lost you as a friend..
but the heart still refuses…
to give up the loss and regret…
I valued your friendship..
in ways even I can’t fathom..
those shared laughs…
in the classes and the walks..
still echo somewhere within..

I don’t know what a best friend is..
because you my friend..
confused my definition of it..
we were supposed to be together..
our friendship withstanding..
through all the thick and thins..
but a hint of new experiences and friends..
sent you running away..
throwing “us” to the wind..

They say to forget and forgive..
and though I have done exactly that..
the torn bonds of close friendship..
cannot be mended again..
and though you still remain my friend..
I have lost my belief
in a “best friend”..


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