This thanks….daily prompt

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

The kind of job where you have to sit in office day after day with no opportunity for travel and visit new places…have new experiences would the kind of job I detest very much. I am still searching for my dream job and still mad enough to believe that it exists and will find me in this lifetime.

But otherwise, I cannot imagine myself as a sales or marketing person, promoting your product or services at any cost…always behind a target. That would be the worst kind of job for me. I am basically an introvert…don’t have the ability to approach total strangers and make small talk then let alone promote your product. I like meeting new people…making new friends…but not like this.

Another job I would not like probably would be being stuck in any kind of finance not just limited to accounts. Though I am pretty good with Maths, once I decide to put my head into it…there is no real inclination to do so. 

So there goes my today’s late post for the daily prompt and a serious one at that…


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