Kid again…bring it on – Daily Prompt

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school?

An adult mind in the body of a kid…would be hell of an awkward situation. My face will show maturity which will be quite unnatural in a twelve year old kid. My friends would wonder what was wrong with me. And I would be thinking of them as there adult selves, knowing how there life turned out to be 🙂 . My whole body posture would also be different I guess….different than that of a kid…

Overall, most of the the first day in such a situation would be hell of a mess….until I let go of the stress of thinking how do I revert to my normal self and just start enjoying the situation 😉 . Most of us dream of being a child again to enjoy that carefree time. So I will try to do exactly that. If I had made any mistakes in the past which my adult self still regrets about, I would try to avoid them this time or do things differently.

I would enjoy chocolates and cake and other such forbidden delicacies not having to think about my diet anymore 😀 . Being a kid definitely has benefits for a foodie 😉 . How can I forget…I will start learning dancing and classical music again…which my stupid child self abandoned at that time…

Off course… grandma would be still der in this imaginary situation….I would visit her and stay with her for some length of time if even if I have to move mountains for that (meaning cry a lot till my mom gives in 😀 )….I would enjoy her warmth, her laughter, her love for us till this thing gets reversed again….miss her like hell… 😦

I would try to make real friends instead of trying to stick with a bunch of self-centered girls…

I would fight less with my kid bro… 🙂 coz I’m definitely more matured this time 😀

This post has become a lot more personal than I intended it to be…but this is what I would want to do so not changing anything.. 



5 thoughts on “Kid again…bring it on – Daily Prompt

  1. I like the part about going back to classes that you had abandoned, persuits like dancing and music. I had that as well. When I write it becomes very personal also, more than I intend to. I guess we do that when we write the words, we put our heart into it.

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