Hand-me-down…Daily Prompt

Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

Being the elder sibling in my family…rather the eldest on both mom and father’s side, there have not been many occasions for hand-me-downs. Though some of them are worth remembering. Like the grandma’s saree which my grandfather gave me to wear on some occasion. It was a rare occurrence since he had not given them to anybody before, even years after she passed away. One of the other objects was a beautiful orange coloured small shiny necklace. I don’t remember when it was given to me though. Mostly the hand-me-downs have been sarees worn by my mom (which I coveted 😉 and told her to pass them to me when she got tired of them), from my grandmom (the one which I wanted was passed on to someone else ;( ) and now my mom-in-law (she loves to give some piece of jewellery every time we meet, bangles, rings, sarees. Her choice is great so no problem for me 😉 ).

Oh yes…how could I forget….the most funny of them. Once while going through my parents old clothes, I found my father’s suit which he had worn during his marriage. It was still in good condition. Though I had no use for the jacket, the pants were bale bottom style like the heroes in 80s movies. To my absolute delight, it fitted me well 😀 and I wore it to college (no one knew whose it was originally 😉 ). It was sort of like I handed me down the pants to myself rather than my dad 🙂 . It was one of my favourites for many years. 

One of my favourite book, Swami by Ranjit Desai, an eternal love story according to me, was a hand-me-down. It was my father’s copy, quite old one, the pages were yellowish in colour like those of ancient books and coming loose. I remember reading it hundreds of times (no exaggeration, still do it for books I like), my mind constructing live scenes through the description in the book 🙂 .

Some other silly ones are not to cut nails or wash hair on Saturday (grandma advice…though I have no idea why), putting onion peel on head to prevent watering of eyes while cutting onions (sometimes worked sometimes didn’t 😀 ), my fear for dogs or cats (I think that one is from my mom though unintentionally 😉 ) and so on 🙂 .

So, to conclude this dp, hand-me-downs have not played a major part in my life. But those which I have received 🙂 are part of good memories.



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