Uske liye

kis mitti ka bana hai wo…
sochti hunn puchun usse..
ya fir ek baar ho ke aaun…
uske khuda ke pass se..
sochti hunn usse mang lunn wapas..
masoom si ek hansi thi jo chehre par..
khoyi khoyi si rehti hai aj kal..
ya fir kabhi sochti hunn..
apni sari khushi uske hisse kar dunn..
shayad wo muskaan wapas laute..
shayad wo mujhe firse mile..
sochti hunn karke dekh hi lunn..
ek baar..
bina shart..
sirf uske liye..


10 thoughts on “Uske liye

    • thank you 🙂 …but these poems do not always reflect my current state of mind…sometimes past…imagination…someone else’s experience..something I read about..anything and everything takes form here..


  1. Kisi bhi aurat ki muskaan cheenna achchi baat nahin hain… As a little girl, I can remember my Mom always advising my brother (who was just entering his adolescence) to never, EVER break any girl’s heart and make her cry.

    For she strongly believes in karma; what goes around comes around. And in the case scenario of breaking a girl’s heart – even more so.

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