Heaven on Earth….Daily Prompt

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

Wow 🙂 …heaven would be right here on Earth if all those things have been accomplished 🙂 . Firstly I would be a lot slimmer and in a good shape physically. Last year has not been good. Other than that, I would be a lot more patient and have a control on my temper, feel a lot more balanced than I do right now. Coz if I’m happy I would be able to share that happiness with others.

I would be breathing pure, smokeless air from the mountains. Coz thats my home would be 🙂 . Away from the crowded metro cities and the traffic and humid weather and the shitty lifestyle where you spend more time travelling from home to office than at home. I would have a home in a hilly area near some river or lake. Yes…that would be some turnaround from the current lifestyle.

I would have a modest job in some environment conservation related NGO and plus there will also be writing (my writing will be improved by then or so I’m hoping 😉 ). I will have lots of time on my hand to do things which I think about doing but never manage to start or if I do start, let go after some time. That would include a lot of bird watching (real ones 😉 ), studying them, going on safaris and visiting all the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries at least in India and later possibly out of India. Most importantly, I would still be looking for where my real passion lies rather than giving up on it.

That would a life well lived 🙂 .


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