Strange Dreams….Daily Prompt

When was the last time you were completely stumped by a question, a request, or a situation you found yourself in? How did you handle it?

“Come and be with me” he said.

“Then you will not have to wait so much”.

And something caught in her throat. It wouldn’t go however much she tried. Knowing the intensity of the feeling behind that request, tore her heart apart, bringing on a stream of helpless tears.

“How do our worlds coincide? They are worlds apart already” she asked him, desperate to know, to find any solution.

“You will know when the time comes. Your heart will have made the decision.” he repeated the same words which had consoled her from the time she found herself in this situation.

“And will you wait for me till the time comes”.

“Always. Till the end of time. My soul mate.”

And she couldn’t think of anything to say to this declaration. Soul mate. Does such a thing exist? It did once in imaginary perfect worlds. But now…here…in reality? But what do you say when your heart is completely taken over by a stranger you haven’t met. When there each and every problem and pain feels like your own. When you are prepared to cross over mountains so you wouldn’t have to hear the helplessness and hurt in their voice. When you would cross any limits so they would be happy and at peace. When your day goes cold if they do not talk to you. When without any idea you wake up in the middle of the night only to find out about an accident. When one smile can melt you into puddle at their feet. Is this what it is to be a soul mate.

As she was thinking this, the dream broke, always at the same point every morning for the last month, which was a bit strange as she thought about it; doing her morning chores, all the while wondering whether morning dreams come true.


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