Daily Prompt Freedom

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

🙂 I think wordpress prompt read my yesterday’s request 😉 . Its exactly 5.31 pm now. Let me start with today’s day and my mood today. It has been a boring day. The climate has been weird now for the last 2-3 days alternating between increased heat and some showers. Monsoon is almost at an end. Somehow this weather is making the mood bleak. Its been a struggle to get up and go office everyday 😉 .

This dp made me remember a short story we had in school. Later I read the translated version of that story in Marathi. The book is about a little girl named “Tottochan”. Its a Japanese real story which starts with a little girl who is a bit different than other kids. She is active, thinks differently and very talkative and thus the teachers are not able to handle her properly. As a result, she is removed from two or three schools. Her mother gets worried when hears about a different school. She takes the girl there. The school is situated in a sort of transformed boggies of train, which the little girl loves from the start. They go to meet the headmaster, who asks the mother to leave the girl in his care and return at the end of school. When she leaves, the headmaster asks Tottochan to talk whatever comes to her mind, whatever she feels like sharing with him. 🙂 The girl is overwhelmed. No adult including her mom has ever given her that much time. She talks and talks about everything including her dog, her teachers in previous school, her friends and so on for at least two hours. At the end, he just smiles at her and says she is admitted to the school 🙂 .

You can guess why this dp made me remember this story. 🙂 My time is up. Took one minute extra 😉 .

Have fun in today’s dp. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Freedom

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  2. Mast. Saya:I like today’s dp. Everybody will love to go such a nice school. I also remember that book. We had a series of discussions on this book and today educational systems.

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