Close Strangers….Daily Prompt

How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

I can imagine meeting my younger bro…a bit shy and reserved when you first meet him…as am I. He is very choosy in his friends and just recently has started mixing with the better sex 😉 . So I have no idea whether he would actually choose me as his friend. But yes, if I got to know him better, I would definitely want to be his friend. He has got a very fine sense of humor which is only revealed when you really get to know him. And he is a merciless tease 🙂 . As confirmed by him, his friends threaten to beat him (jokingly 😀 ) at least once in a day. He is loyal to a fault and a very caring person. Works good in a team, taking everyone along together rather than thinking just about own. No facades about him, quite straightforward but thinks a lot about things. Seems like I am praising him ( 😉 don’t get your hopes high kiddo, I’m still the elder one here) , but knowing him inside out over the years, I would say I would want this person in my life.

I can imagine meeting my mom during some travel, like in a bus. A working woman, very talkative (:) you know that mom), she likes to share most of the things she reads. And she has a captivating manner in narrating it…be it a short story or some news. I can very well imagine getting to know her as a fellow passenger on a 3-4 hour journey 🙂 . She can easily make friends with strangers (have done that already many times…unlike me). Very open kind of woman without any of tricks or twists. I think we both have inherited that from her. And basically good at heart.

I think it would good to meet both these wonderful people as strangers, but I am lucky they already are with me.


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