No Rambling please…..Daily Prompt

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal
Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

My mind again wandered away from the lecture as I looked outside the window. What a beautiful weather it was today. It had showered in the night and morning was clear, filled with sunshine, rare in this season. Again I regretted not having bunked this lecture and gone off somewhere. I could probably have managed to convince some friends for a one day trip 🙂 .

“The air pollution is caused by the particulate matter released from the smoke in the vehicles. Also, burning other types of fuels like wood, coal etc. also are some of the causes of air pollution. The anthropogenic pollution is the main reason for global warming. These gases trap the heat in the atmosphere……” on and on she went, as though it was a recitation. The professor was a notorious rambler, known to talk for hours in a lecture in her typical monotone. As though that was not enough, she jumped from her original topic to multiple other topics. As a result of that, at the end of the lecture, we are always confused as to what topic she actually was teaching.

My mind had fallen into a wicked habit of ignoring what she talked and wandering in a world of its own. I had suffered for it too, remembering when she had once deigned to stop her monologue and ask the students some questions to test their understanding. I was among the unfortunate ones to be chosen, and failed miserably. From that time, I have a suspicion that she keeps a special eye on me. Thinking that brought my attention back to that lecture. I checked the watch again, not even a minute had passed since I last checked (Sigh!!) . How slowly the time passes at such times, as though taking some kind of revenge on us poor mortals. For the hundredth time, I vowed to myself that if I chose teaching as profession, brevity and generating interest in the subject would be my basic golden rules 😉 .


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