Criticize but gently…..Daily Prompt

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

“You never listen to me, just do as you want” he said to her, a bit angrily.

“Well that is because I am big enough to make my own decisions and need not be treated like a kid.” she retorted.

They looked at each angrily for some moments. Tempers flaring up. And then, both remembered the last hundred or so times this dialogue had been repeated between them. And as if by magic, the fight was forgotten and laughter bubbled up, as each remembered the previous incidences as well as the assurances to each other not to criticize too much. Well, down the drain again. 😉

Sometimes we adjust so much in the outside world, that our carrying capacity finishes for our near and dear ones. We take them for granted, which is good coz if not them, who else’s head can we bite off 😉 . But at the same time it should be always kept in mind that too much criticism puts negativity in a relation. It takes things to a level, where we are unable to forgive and forget past things and look at them with fresh perspective. Our view becomes coloured so to say.

To answer to the daily prompt, brutal honesty is hurting but I don’t want to be treated with kid gloves. If someone (and that applies to close people only, I can’t very tell this to my boss 😀 ) has to point out my mistakes, I would respond better if it was pointed out straight and gently without any harsh comments. We can be gentle in our criticism (that is what I remind myself and try to follow…mostly unsuccessfully till now 😦 ). Harsh criticism takes the focus of the recipient from the actual subject to its harshness and they feel offended or angry rather than realize their mistake. This was told to me by a friend of mine years ago and I still remember it and try to follow it.

Thats all for today. Today’s is a serious subject but worth it , I think. Enjoy 🙂 .


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