A plea to God

Why this world seems revolving..
making me loose balance..
did I hear it correctly..
or it may be wrong by chance..
the possibility seems bleak..
so let me loose my balance..
and take me away from here..
far away from criticism..
eating up the soul gradually..
far away from this grief..
and soul searing pain..
away to the mountains..
with only you n me..
give me some of your hope..
save the remains of my life..
bring me back to world again..
you are the only chance..
I ever had..
to regain my balance..


9 thoughts on “A plea to God

  1. its good to have a medium to express our sorrows,
    but its great to have a friend to share it with..
    its our luck that we have god to share everything

    btw Do you wanna talk about it?


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