Hail Fiction…..daily prompt

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

I had decided to skip writing today’s dp, but as you can see, changed my mind. Reading is one of my passions, though it has reduced a bit nowadays. The love for reading originally started with my mother tongue, Marathi and later continued to English. That is another legacy from my mom and grandma 🙂 …both avid readers. I remember reading books on our history and mythology including Ramayan..Mahabharat..and on separate individuals including Krishna, Karna, Shivaji Maharaj, Peshwe so on and so forth. In summer vacations, especially at our aunt’s house we had no rules as to what to eat, how much and when to sleep etc. I remember reading books till 4 am 😀 . Still do it sometimes (at the peril of wasting the next day in sleepy haze). Introduction to English books and novels started with Nancy Drew, famous five, tinkle comic, hardy boys etc. And it has grown ever since 🙂 . And I am in the habit of reading any of my favourites multiple number of times (which surprise some people), but aisi hi hunn main (meaning ‘that is the way I am’…dialogue stolen from Pyaar to hona hi tha movie 😀 ).

To answer today’s dp question, I usually read fiction. Non-fiction type generally needs lot of focus and have to be read without much break or you loose the thread. Especially books with long descriptions are boring for me. Include some dialogues, keep things a bit light and I’ll probably read even a non-fiction too.


9 thoughts on “Hail Fiction…..daily prompt

      • today public likes any movies…nothing new about dat…tell me the last flop movie u’ve heard…none..all of them are hits…whether or not they have quality…as to CB’s books, I’ve read his Five Point someone, one night at a call center, two states and three biggest mistakes of my life….they are probably one time read…that too I doubt…so stopped reading later..

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      • wow…which one of CB’s book have you not read??! 😛

        yes every movie breaks the previous record collections…but I think 3 idiots was one hell of a movie..two states was same old romantic story in new bottle…but I want to see more novels to be made into movies – at least we can hope for some plot!


    • thanks 🙂 I have read non-fiction…I think biographies and autobio come in non-fiction right…what I find challenging are long descriptions or self-help books…books without some kind of story.. 🙂


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