Trails through Kaas plateau….

The Kaas Plateau also known as the “Kaas Pathar” which is situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range, 22 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra state of India. The plateau is full of wild flowers during the months of August and September and has been declared as Biodiversity World Heritage Site by The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

I had posted earlier in my “Freedom Relived” daily prompt post about possible trip to Kaas plateau and promised some fellow blogger friends to post photographs if I do get to go…So here they are.

DSCF6450 DSCF6456 DSCF6478 DSCF6491 DSCF6493 DSCF6510 DSCF6514 DSCF6526 DSCF6532 DSCF6545 DSCF6550 DSCF6557 DSCF6575 DSCF6601 DSCF6602

There are people present there who sell books regarding these flowers. So you can actually find these flowers and search them in the book simultaneously and know more about them 🙂 . I am not a botanist, but still it was interesting to know the scientific names of some of them and in which particular month they can be found. Not all the flowers bloom at the same time, rather in phases. These are not even a quarter of the type of flowers that bloom here from August to November. Unfortunately, due to erratic rains, it seems the flowers were less this year. It is advisable to travel early morning and reach the place by 7.30 – 8.00 am, so you will be able to avoid too much sun and peacefully enjoy the place which later becomes quite crowded.

This photo which will give you more idea of the plateau:


And the line of cars when we started back from the place:


Giving due credit, some of these photos are by me and rest are by my better half…in photography and otherwise too 😀

Hope you all enjoy it…and are tempted to make a trip to this place 🙂


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