Wisp of dream….Daily Prompt

Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?

Wisp of dream of the first love

She stood right there..
constantly looking her watch..
then up to the coming train..
again back at her watch..

He stood right there..
watching her impatience..
and the beauty shining..
right through that grouch..

She never looked at him..
He never looked anywhere else..
what would happen he wondered..
if there eyes ever met..

He would lock her with his eyes..
to drown in those honey brown wells..
thinking that, he looked at her again..
only toΒ find her gone..
on the same train..
which he missed for her..


44 thoughts on “Wisp of dream….Daily Prompt

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  2. I wouldn’t miss the train πŸ˜›
    But yes sometimes some beautiful eyes gives guys a hard time πŸ™‚
    Have you heard anything on kerala?


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