Is Fear Normal? Of Course. Useless? Of Course.

So true…we rely and believe on the idiot box so damn much these days.

Psych Circus

IMG_20140902_150855As I read about Ebola and all the reactions to it from Americans, it strikes me:

We have every reason to feel concern about Ebola. It’s a serious illness.

Still, much and perhaps most of the response I’ve seen so far has been less than useless. It adds harm! Hysteria and confusion and panic.

How can concern be both reasonable and useless?

It’s simple, really. Concern, fear, anxiety: these are feelings. Feelings can’t be wrong: they arise from a place deep down, primal, a primitive place far below and before logic or rationality. From a time when there was only survival, or not, nothing more.

We have such deep instincts because in times of danger, when we lack the time to think before we react, they keep us alive, more often than not. But modern life is far more complex than it ever: we feel fear, anxiety, concern usually not…

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