Acknowledgements and Ramblings

🙂 Hello friends…meeting after a long time. As I had given in some earlier post, it is festive season in India 🙂 and I was making the most of it. But before I go into that, lots of love and hugs to these friends of mine who nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award” in the last ten days. I have already posted my acceptance for this award earlier, so will not be following the rules. However, just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate my fellow bloggers (and also friends) for their nomination and express my feelings on this 🙂

Shooting Star –

Sweety –

Aruna –

Thank you guys !! I never imagined when I started this blog, which also marks the starting of my poetry, more or less, that it would receive such a great response. It is so damn encouraging! Being new to blogging, I also didn’t expect to find so many friends here from across the world. But here I am and damn happy about it. So thank you again to my three friends above and all those who bother to read, like, comment and follow the blog of a novice.

These were the acknowledgements. Now, the rambling part. For the last ten days, I was in an altogether different world than the normal life that goes on. It was and always is a drastic change in the culture and the style of living when I visit my in-laws. Not that I’m complaining :). It is fascinating in its own way and has allowed me to gain a big family which I always wanted. The hustle and bustle of house filled with people in a festival, the cooking and making preparations for pooja, the din of voices of everyone talking at the same time, the fun and laughter and pulling each other’s legs….I love it all 🙂 . It has given me a sense of belonging, even though technically these people are not connected to me by blood. It takes me back to my childhood when at our grandparents’ house, we cousins, our moms (three sisters) used to have a blast every summer. Though not an exact replica, this comes damn close. Their were and still are (huge) adjustments on both sides, but I can feel that I have been accepted as their “own” and I cherish this feeling very much.

So enough with my ramblings 🙂 . Hope you were not bored by it.

It is good to be back here 🙂 . Happy Blogging !!


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