Whispers of heart

When our own hurts knowingly
When our own shows indifference
When our own chooses to let go
When our own breaks the cocoon
When our own betrays the trust
When our own is the reason for tears
When our own chooses to not understand
When our own doesn’t feel own anymore
Where to go from there
Where to run away from the pain
Where to hide the tears
Where to silence the fears
How to live life again
How to open up the mind
How to learn to trust yourself
How to forgive yourself
How to dare make mistakes again
How to decide when is enough
How to find all these answers
And choose to live again
And tear down the barriers
And take flight in the open sky
And be yourself but none other
And still love them unconditionally
And find the meaning of such love finally
And be able to forgive them ultimately
And peace be thy own willingly


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