By Heart…..Daily Prompt

You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?

When you get what you want in your struggle for self
And the world makes you king for a day
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
And see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife
Whose judgment upon you must pass
The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest
For he’s with you, clear to the end
And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test
If the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
And get pats on the back as you pass
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

– Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr.  

As the poem suggests, it is to ourselves we have to be honest about things, even if we manage to fool the whole world. In a slightly different context, I read somewhere yesterday about how we are in front of people, different for family and friends and in professional life. But a person who is true to his own nature to anybody he meets, that person will be unique and will shine through a crowd.

I remember my Dad bringing a print of this poem one day at home from his work. It impressed me so much, I by-hearted it. Those were generally days when you memorized things you like – songs, poems, jokes etc since their were no ipods or mobiles. This poem was included in my collection of things I liked, that I had wrote down in a book. It included poems like this one or some from text books too, quotations written in different sketch pens :). My earliest attempts of making a collection. A habit long lost, I don’t know why.


9 thoughts on “By Heart…..Daily Prompt

    • 🙂 thank you…I know they are tough…
      I think I procrastinate probably to save myself from the heartache if I lose these collections sometime…which is quite possible due to my forgetful nature..


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