Bro and Sis…….Daily Prompt

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

Well, the first person I can think of is my kid bro. Our likings are mostly different. If I like some sweet, he won’t at all and vice versa. There have been instances where his favourite dishes changed to the ones I like, and I was sad about that…had to share those right!!! 😉 I am a little bit crazy and impulsive, he is more of a think first kind of guy. More creative, has a fine streak of humour…unlike me 🙂 . We have had a lot of fights, years back (now both have grown up…sadly :D).

So, how do we get along….mostly because I still boss on him 😀 . Just kidding.. 😉 Well, we still have our down times, but their is a strong foundation of love and caring to our relation. We both can share things with each other, advice each other in tricky situations and believe in each other’s goodness as a human being. Because that is what is important ultimately right..before being successful or rich or blah blah…we should be a good person. Caring for strangers if we see something wrong is happening, having the guts to speak up…that is what makes us, homo sapiens different from the other species on Earth. Though at times, it is hard to believe the acts people commit in the name of what not. I wonder, are they even human.

Well…I’ve successfully distracted from the subject 😉 Today’s seems a good subject. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “Bro and Sis…….Daily Prompt

  1. I think I have stopped responding to the daily prompt, I got a bit bored. I still find your entries interesting which is refreshing. I am the youngest so I probably played your little brother’s role towards my brother rather than my sister… anyway, it’s lovely that you have that relationship 🙂 great stuff.

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