Freedom Again…….Daily Prompt

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Today I came across Sakshi’s blog while surfing around…and I was impressed by her writing, which showed a maturity way more than her age. Her personal story…the Himalayan Chronicles…had me hooked so much that I read the same post thrice, just to experience the romantic thrill. You write amazing Neona… 🙂

Apart from that, the day was a bit marred by some disappointments by people whom I chose to trust as friend too quickly I think. I hope I am wrong or what I thought was friendship was my illusion. Anyways, the week has been tiring and hoping to finish the rest two days quickly, which I know ain’t going to happen 😉 .

I had started reading ‘Curfewed Nights’ by Basharat Peer, which is a reporter’s take on the issues of Kashmir, who is originally from the place. It was Swati’s heartbreaking poem which induced me to purchase the book. And I found many of the descriptions in the book replicated in the recently released movie Haider. Still haven’t managed to complete it, but whatever I’ve managed to read shows a heartbreaking story of a beautiful place and happy, satisfied people changed to a horror story. Recently, while surfing internet, also came across the pictures of ISIS terrorizing common people. I am ashamed to call them humans. How can one person do such things to others. Religion, which should be an intensely personal subject, has turned people into monsters.


7 thoughts on “Freedom Again…….Daily Prompt

  1. Hi Saya… a mixed mood, today ? some tings indeed are beyond understanding , torture in the name of anything can never be justified and I am paranoid about it… to see or experience…. I too would like to read the book. the movie was good… showing human frailties and juxtaposing it on Shakespeare’s Hamlet! A must see… but not for entertainment – it disturbed me. But Hey, Cheer up! There are so many things to be happy about as well.


    • Hi..yes bit of a mixed mood..the book I ordered from Amazon..end of the movie seemed dramatic…rest of it was, it was not entertainment definitely. It is the first movie who has put the issues of Kashmiri people out in the open for the public. There are other movies like Mission Kashmir, Shaurya…but not as effective and focused as this one…
      today I’m having to find reasons to be happy about…which says something abt the state of mind…anyways, won’t last long.. 🙂 take care..

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