100 Days of Laughter – Day 2


Good evening friends 🙂

Being the laziest day of the week today, I was watching a movie while having my leisure breakfast. It was a Marathi movie titled “Ek cup chya” that means “One cup of tea”. In short, the story is about a bus conductor’s fight against the electricity department, which charges him a hefty bill and then when he is unable to pay, cuts off his supply. The difference of bill I’m saying here is from INR 400 to INR 12,000, which is clearly a mistake. He visits the department and tries to sort out but is suggested to give One cup chya to the officials which is an indirect way of demanding bribe. Now, he being an honest person, refuses and takes the help of an RTI (Right to Information) activist, who suggests him to obtain information about his bill.

One day, after coming from duty, he receives a letter saying the hearing of his RTI appeal is the next day in Mumbai. Now, this guy has to travel almost 8-9 hours to reach Mumbai. And it is already afternoon. He returns home hurriedly and their ensues a flurry of activity. His wife packs his clothes and some lunch to eat during the travel, his elder son hands him all the related papers about the appeal and encourages him to put forth his case without being afraid (which I felt was very cute 🙂 ), the elder daughter presses his shirt. Now as he is getting ready to go, wearing his shirt, the younger son hands him over a comb. And he very innocently starts combing out his son’s hair, instead of his own !! 😀 😀 . The son, exasperated at his dad, points out that the comb was for him 😀 . The scene is short, but definitely original and humorous 😀 . The innocence and simplicity of this guy and his family, makes the movie worth watching multiple times 🙂 .

Hope I managed to put forth the scene perfectly 😀 or else you can always watch the movie with subs. And that is also why I am not going to tell the end of the movie 😛


4 thoughts on “100 Days of Laughter – Day 2

    • 😀 you really need to see it because my portraying doesn’t do it justice..it is an awesome movie and available with subs.. 🙂 I’m not giving up the end 😛


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