Waiting Room……………Daily Prompt

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

Well, not every time good things come from waiting. Sometimes you have to act for them to happen. Like that slim and trim figure you’ve been longing, will only come with exercising regularly and eating proper food 😀 . Waiting won’t change anything apart from increasing the weight probably 😉 .

And isn’t it possible that what your wish changed during this waiting time, and by the time you received it, it is no longer on your wish list. We change all the time, throughout our lives. One year back myself and today’s me will be different as are my aspirations. That time I hadn’t started my blog. Today I write regularly, eventhough not daily. And I wish people would read it and I make new connections.

As to “how much is too much”, it depends exclusively on every person’s patience, willingness to wait and commitment to the issue. It is ultimately our choice and our responsibility. If you have to wait lifelong, so be it. But then we should be prepared for the consequences of our actions also. One of my friend wished to become a doctor. And he gave the entrance for medical every year for 5-6 years, till he cleared the exam and got admission. In the meantime, he was studying something else, but his goal was always to be a doctor. Another friend wanted to clear civil services exam for entering bureaucracy. He has been studying and giving exams for the last 6-7 years and still hasn’t cleared it. Maybe he will still try or change the career path and start coaching classes for civil services.

So different people, different options.


13 thoughts on “Waiting Room……………Daily Prompt

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  3. yup, My body was seaming chocolate – yet those jeans told me – girl you gota eat a Salad…. so right on waiting for your weight thing.

    No we can’t always wait for the world to change, sometimes we are the ones that got to make it change.
    And we can’t just expect people to read our blogs, we got to work at it…. Great post! 🙂


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