Salad days………….Daily Prompt

Is there a period in your own personal life that you think of as the good old days? Tell us a story about those innocent and/or exciting times (or lack thereof).

A good many times of my past years (I’m not going to give a number here 😉 ) have been good, no great. College days have been the most memorable ones considering academic period. I was a part of an old and famous college in my grads, which lasted for three years. I got some great friends there, a mixed group from people studying different subjects. The most memorable times were when we used to sit at our special place at the lower recreation hall…also called lower rec. Since everyone had a different timetable for lectures, someone or the other used to be present there most of the time. Then, as our lectures finished, we used to join them, have a gala time.. 🙂 . People started calling us lower rec group gradually 🙂 . This period gave me special friends. The kind of friends whom though you may not be in regular contact with, but one phone call, and it is as if the time gap between has never occurred 🙂 . The funniest part is, it is the people you are with, that makes the place special. After grads, when I visited my college again for some reason, alone, it was not the same. There were no familiar faces. It felt alien.

Another memory of great days, is during school holidays. We cousins (five of us) and sometimes our moms, used to gather at our grandparents’ house for almost a month. I was the eldest, so I got to boss around a lot 😀 . We went for morning walks with we call him Aba in my native language. And grandma is Aaji. Lots of mangoes 🙂 . Favourite items prepared by Aaji 🙂 . Long walks in the city. One of my cousin always used to be confident about finding the road back home. And always got us lost 😀 . Once he and another one had to hurry back home to pee, and we reached earlier than them 😀 . The end of vacations always brought on tears. Those days the distance of six hours in a bus was too much, and we saw each other mostly just once in a year. Now, as they say, the world has come closer for all of us.

So, those are some of the great times…there are many more…but maybe some other time 🙂 Good night.


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