100 Days of Laughter – Day 5


Good evening guys. The status of “how the day has been” has changed from sleepy but okay to a not very okay since I saw the video, shared in an earlier post today. But anyways, sharing this incident to keep up my challenge. Probably by remembering again will bring some relief.

Time of the day: 7.45 am today.

My Status: Still hazy, barely able to open eyes and start getting ready for office (slept very late yesterday, no beauty sleep for me..sigh!!)

Hubby status: Beside me, wide awake. Teasing me that he needs to go on a road trip…alone!!! I teased him back saying no problem 😀 . So he provoked me further by asking possible places for a trip. Then I remembered some pics seen on FB yesterday, shared by some friend who had gone for a trek. The place was Tringalwadi…and the pics were beautiful 🙂 . Here is one of them:


So, I promptly suggest the place to hubby, trying to show off 😉 .

He starts looking at me exasperated. I look back questioningly (Twice now had to use spell check :O , don’t know what is wrong with me. I am generally good with spellings. Either am growing old or too sleepy!).

So anyways, at my look, he made me remember that it was the same place we had visited last August, just 3-4 months back 😀 . Only thing these people had climbed the hill and we had looked from below. For those who don’t know, it is near Igatpuri, which is a fab place to visit in the latter months of monsoon. This is what we clicked, just 2-3 km away from the above place.


So, here is another incident (or proof) of my forgetfulness 🙂 . Btw I did remember the name of the place after he told me.


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