Prevent Child Abuse

Today is “World Prevention of Child Abuse” day. I have never had to face this or any form of abuse as a child. My childhood is a store full of warm, happy memories filled with love from my near and dear ones. So I probably won’t be able to put myself in that child’s position and understand. But it fills me with rage and brings tears for all those children who have been betrayed by people there family entrusted them with. And it is for this reason, I am sharing it here.

Please don’t think people that this a far-fetched scenario happening only in distant lands. I am not the best person to advise anybody on this issue. But please, do look closely to your children and those little ones around you for any changes of behavior. Don’t let any child pass through such physical, psychological, sexual or any damn kind of abuse.


2 thoughts on “Prevent Child Abuse

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