100 Days of Laughter Challenge – Day 6


One short incident today that made me laugh. But not an innocent one, this is more evil kind 😉 . You will get to know why. We have a boss, who is the epitome of how a boss should not be. Basically he has joined the company second time, and since his return, turned more dominating, rude and controlling. I’m sure this did touch a chord with you all. So, in office we are always wary and try to keep a distance, unsuccessfully some of the times 😉 . I’m not going to describe how not good he is, it feels too much like bxxxhing.

So, today our MD had come to office. He sits out of Mumbai and visits every 3-4 months. After coming to office, he was busy in some meetings and discussion and this guy, lets say Mr. X, was with him. As lunch time came, he asked somebody to order lunch. So one of our senior did. We were eating in a separate group and talking amongst ourselves when the guy came to deliver the order. There appeared to be some confusion. So this senior went to see what was wrong. Apparently, he was supposed to order lunch for Mr. X too. He didn’t, thinking that Mr. X normally brings his own tiffin and didn’t tell him specifically to order lunch for two 😀 . So ultimately only one lunch was delivered on time 😀 . Thankfully we were sitting on a different place and he didn’t hear us guffawing 😀 seeing his angry face as he passed us while going to the pantry.

Later we also came to know that today is his bday (he specifically told the office boy today is my happy bday, so bring some cake for everyone 😀 ). None of us knew about it, not even the HR who sends the wishes mail to everyone 😀 . When someone pointed that out to him, he promptly replied oh, the HR did send in the morning. It was not delivered due to server problem, which is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard 😀 😀 .

So, there goes today’s challenge fulfilled, though I’m not really happy about it and going to try and minimize such subjects in future. Good day!! 🙂


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