100 Days of Laughter Challenge – Day 10


For those new to this challenge, do check the first post to get a better idea 🙂


Let me introduce you all non Marathi people to our most famous comic series – Chintu !! It has been going on for years, since before I was a kid till now. Its a cartoon in Marathi newspapers like we have Garfield in Times of India and there are also small books with compiled jokes. The cartoon shows everyday interactions between Chintu (the kid in striped t-shirt) and his parents, friends, grandparents, neighbours and so on 🙂 . So let me explain the joke in this one to you:

Chintu: Flabbergasted…and looking at his glass of milk while swearing by his Mom (just the way we say Oh God!!)

Mom: Why are you swearing by me?

Chintu: Three biscuits tried to have with milk, all three fell into the glass after dipping 😀

Mom: Now what..

Chintu: You look the other side…I will see what has to be done [this while his two fingers are ready to dip in the milk and eat whatever mess is left of the biscuits in there 😀 ]

You guys can see his expression while saying that 🙂 no need for me to explain. For those who are interested to read more of his antiques 😉 , please check this page.

Have a great day!! 😀


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