100 Days of Laughter Challenge – Day 11


For those new to this challenge, do check the first post to get a better idea 🙂

Today it does feel a challenge. Lets see. I was as usual driving to my office while listening to Jeeturaj on Radio Mirchi. He was conducting some contest about being able to recognize a local song and so on. So one guy called up. As their conversation started, he immediately started answering the contest question. But talking to that RJ is never that simple 😉 . He cut the guy and asked his name. Lets say he told his name as Mr. X. Now again he started giving the answer. Again our RJ cut him to ask his full name. So he told his name and surname. So Jeeturaj  says, you today’s kids, why don’t you say your father’s name or even mother’s..are you ashamed to say [this does sound insulting, but he said it very jokingly] 🙂 . So finally he extracted the guy’s full name and then went ahead with asking him to now answer the question 😀 . Cheeky rascal!! 😉

Second one happened in office during lunch. I’m currently on a diet and have salad and sprouts along with roti and sabzi during lunch. Salad and sprout are new additions, rest two items were there earlier 😉 . So my habit is to have sprouts at the end of the lunch. Today everybody but myself and one colleague was finished. As I started having sprouts, he too finished and was getting up. Suddenly I heard him saying tchk! tchk! and looked above to find him staring at my sprouts and shaking his head. I thought something had fallen and I didn’t know, till he said I don’t know how can you manage to have that as food 😀 . Him being Bengali, I think his reaction was legitimate 😀


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