Unmet Target


This is my first attempt in writing the Three Word Wednesday challenge. For 3WW Week No. 403, the words are hopeful, distrust and tolerant. To read other entries, please go here.

She looked at him. The distrust in her eyes evident loudly in her voice, as she asked what was the product about.

He explained his product again. As a salesman, he was used to see this expression on people’s face.

Being tolerant is not a common virtue, I guess, he thought, remembering the many times the door had been slammed on his face.

So when she agreed to at least listen to him, he was a bit hopeful of selling this last item and finally meeting the target within deadline.

So he talked, mechanically, like an automatic robot, which was a mistake he realized, as soon as he looked up from his item and saw the glazed look on her face induced by his monotone. And the next moment, a door was slammed on his face.


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