100 Days of Laughter Challenge – Day 15


For those new to this challenge, do check the first post to get a better idea 🙂

I was watching a movie “Nobody’s fool” today. One of the old movies they show on MGM, without subs. Generally I avoid that channel, coz its difficult to make out all the dialogues, but some of those movies are great. So this movie is about a girl. maybe 20-22 years old, dumped by a guy, having a baby by him whom she gives away for adoption. I didn’t watch the whole movie, rather the latter part where she is coping up from both the tragedies. So, she is working for some upcoming drama or some solo performance where she meets a guy. They start meeting and going together. He falls in love with her, confesses and asks her to come with her to Los Angeles. She is in dual mind about her decision because of being dumped earlier. So irritated by the indecision (I’m skipping a lot of things here), he tells her that he will be leaving tomorrow after the performance and if she wants to come she can come at some specified time. She decides at the last moment while working as a bartender in a bar, leaves the job, runs home packs few clothes in a trunk and runs to the guy’s apartment, only to find it empty. As she is frantically looking at his shirt (on which he has written his number 😀 ) in the dim light coming from the window, she sees him downstairs getting ready to drive his car. So she picks up her luggage, goes outside shouting for him to stop but he is not able to hear. So while climbing down the stairs she throws her trunk on his car and all the luggage comes flying out. Hez out, now smiling as he sees her and says I thought u weren’t coming…To which she answers frantically collecting her clothes and all….yes I’m coming, see I’m all packed…lets go … He sees around…picks up a pair of slippers saying  you don’t want these…? …what about this nightie …what about this pair socks…I don’t suppose you want this hat too 😀 😀 smiling at her seeing that she is leaving half her clothes in the hurry to leave with him 😀 . The scene is so damn cute 🙂 (and the guy is …… 😉 )

Do see the movie if you catch it on MGM any time… 🙂 Have a good day..


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