A non-ending winter


Those words froze my heart
Like ice being poured in each vein
Standing still, in the blusteringย wind
It roared along with me, it seemed
A storm of tears edged towards shore
Threatening to pour and pour
Backing away, I retreated from him
Masking the raw wound with fierce strength
Uninhibited love had made me vulnerable
Confidence about us being unshakable
What had gone wrong, does it matter now
A non-ending winter was my fate after all

This poem was written in response to the prompt – weather on The Reverie Journal


28 thoughts on “A non-ending winter

  1. Unconditional love – I believe nothing the person can do Will change my love towards him/her. Just above the cold winter wind is the warm sunshine ๐Ÿ™‚ another good one u seriously r getting good at this 0:)

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  3. I don’t see this as bleak – unconditional love is such a powerful force that if it doesn’t work out, it can bring negative feelings too but to feel is what makes us human and if we love things in this way, good things will come to us in all walks of life. Thank you for sharing the piece and the emotion, it beautifully highlights your passion and strength of character.

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  4. Feels like a place and moment where it hasn’t, doesn’t snow, where long winter trees grow horizontal, offering no shelter within loves warmth to day and night, while high winds and seas squall, in a place perhaps, rather than backing away, walk past and find the love within a weathered sky, for the dirt and rock beneath our feet, will surely hold us, even when those lands we know and love, quake for a time until we find another lover. Small thoughts after reading aloud where your poem travels and journeys.


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