If only

What would happen
if everyone
looked to their own
with no attention
to anything or anyone
be it politics or religion
would they still be
fighting or killing someone
hurting or maiming the innocent
if only they looked
to just their own and no one
a simple living
without complex turns
no greed or power runs
money has no existence
barter system probably returns
we would be saved
from so much destruction
if only they looked
to just their own and no one


17 thoughts on “If only

  1. Wouldn’t that increase selfishness even more and the subsequent issues related to it? People would only care about their own ways even more and happily run over others.


    • I don’t think so…in earlier people did live a simple life, without running after all money and power and control..it would be a much peaceful way of life..don’t u think..


      • Which earlier people and peaceful way of life are you referring to? As far as my memory in history goes, unfortunately, the homo sapiens has always been curious, competitive and ambitious. We always had wars, class issues, gender issues and so on and so forth. War isn’t a modern concept, power and control aren’t either…


      • I know all this sugar, but compare situation now and earlier…haven’t all these issues increased manifold along with some new ones..
        what I wanted to convey was if people looked after their own family and passions rather than power and control, world would be a better place..and yes this applies to past as well as present, but more so to the present..


      • I still don’t agree. There are places in the world where to them nothing is going on. We have access to more news, more knowledge and coverage and therefore we are a bit more aware. Don’t take me wrong though, I wish we were in a better place too: more passion, care for each other and less selfishness and eagerness to follow superficial things when we all die some sooner than others…

        Ps. I still liked your post, I was just curious! My curiosity will never leave me hahaha


      • 🙂 I like curiosity, gets me thinking more. Generally I don’t think so much before composing a poem. Maybe you are right, what I want is probably an ideal scenario which hasn’t existed.. but one can’t stop wishing, can they 🙂


  2. Dear Saya,

    This really got me thinking, I love the concept of looking more closely at loving those right in front of us with more thought. It feels like mindfulness, like being present in the ‘right now.’

    Which also got me thinking, living in the present and fueling that love, would that not help us to lay own the hatred, greed and cruelty? A very interesting idea.

    Curious – have you read Revolution by Russell Brand? The concepts for a new way of living on the planet may surprise you, some of it is just exactly what you describe.

    Happy Saturday, love!

    Allie 😉

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    • Hey Allie..no I haven’t read the book..seems interesting though.. 🙂
      Yes if we lived in the present..it will probably reduce many problems..which seems like an ideal way to live..do u think its attainable..especially when our friend sugar has said above that money power greed cruelty have been present from ancient times..


      • I do believe it is obtainable, it is surely possible. I believe as long as there is free will that people can choose love and unity above all other things. And I also agree that fear (evil, greed, cruelty, call it whatever) will always exist in this world. We just need to stop choosing it. As we awaken to this choice more and more, the world will change. What is the saying by Maya Angelou? “When you know better, you do better.” (And yes I’m an idealist, and yes I’m ok with that. 🙂 )

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