A romance unfolded – 1

I remember the first time we talked
you were soaked through n through
still smiling and looking handsome
black seemed to make you more so
it was a night with friends, new and old
our eyes kept finding each other though

do you remember our first beach walk
still getting to know each other
as we walked in silence, a few feet apart,
while the others typically romped

I remember sitting for dinner with friends
the usual place and the usual dish
looking up our eyes met instantly
as I found you looking at me steady
I had wondered what you were thinking
that made you find me, in that crowd

do you remember the night we talked
all night long on that front porch
one by one, everybody left after awhile
leaving us talking inane things till four

I remember our night walks outside campus
others strolling ahead, leaving us together
a car zoomed past us, narrowing the gap between
you moved on the outer side instinctively
making me realize, you cared

do you remember that jetty walk
when you talked to my friend
in response, I talked to yours
making you leave to your room early
that night had seemed bland without you
did it seem so to you too

I remember the night before you left
knowing I would miss you the most
why I still wouldn’t confess to myself
as we stood there looking at each other
silent, letting eyes do the speaking
unwilling to move away from each other
even as others ran to hide from the drizzle

do you remember you only held my hand
in the hurried good byes as you left for the train
my tears had not even yet dried
when you called from some platform again

PS: This poem is still evolving and will be updated in future.


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