…milestones..weekend… Shout of Joy

Hey guys and gals…

this one is a random unedited post because I’m happy and joyous …the kind that makes me laugh and dance crazily 😉 …

The reasons of this joy….technically, nothing big. I started the day like any other…monotonously…but then things happened 🙂 small things. And without realizing, the monotony changed to enjoyment and joy…


Music  – I’m hearing my favourite songs, putting earplugs, in the office and the voice is that loud that all the background noise from office has been shut…so music and focus…combined together…well a heady mixture for me..wonder why I stopped listening music in office 😉

Inspiration –  There is this amazing and glorious blogger friend of mine..who writes on Long and Luxe…and Glory Begin. I’ve just been reading her recent post about ambition and success. Well, do read it. I won’t be able to do it justice by describing it here. But thanks to her inspiring words, am all flexed up for some action 😉 and lots of hope and positive energy. Like her words formed an invisible hand and shook my heart into action, the way Neo does to Trinity in Matrix.. 😀 Thanks Allie 🙂

Award – I’ve just procrastinated this, no idea why…but Aruna @ Ripples n Reflections had awarded me with the Inspiring Blogger Award. 🙂 Who doesn’t want appreciation…but Aruna you already are so inspiring yourself 🙂 …am not following any rules. But just wanted to thank you for your words time n again..

Milestones –   Now to my blogger friends…Just recently achieved 200 follower mark 🙂 …thank you for the encouragement you guys and gals give me for writing more n is a tribute to all of you 🙂

And last but not the least…whoopey for a long (two day) weekend 😀 !!

Herez is some of my current favourite songs…see if you like it too..

Happy Weekend!! Happy Writing!! Have a blast… 😀


11 thoughts on “…milestones..weekend… Shout of Joy

  1. I LOVE YOUR ENERGY!! 😉 Blessings and light, and I really freaking love your description of how the article affected you. The Matrix – I love it!

    Keep rocking, Saya, keep dancing in your spirit. You bring us all so much joy! 🙂

    Allis-ooppss– Allie 🙂

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