Random act of kindness

I was on the receiving end this time. And it felt great. It started three months back when our salary accounts shifted from Citi to HDFC as a result of which I needed to close the citi account since there minimum balance is too too high. They have a three month grace period after which the account gets converted to a normal savings account and if required balance is absent, you are charged, of course.

As usual, I woke up late when another colleague reminded me. Then called citi to know their closure process and all. Initially they confirmed it could be done online and no need for me to visit the branch. But due to some technical problems it could not be later. And I was busy with some office work and didn’t get time to call the branch again as to what could be done next. Then last week I got a call (twice) from the branch by the same guy whom I had initially conversed with. He wanted to remind me about the closure 🙂 . So I told him the problem, he gave me the solution which was to visit the branch.

Today I went there and the same guy completed the procedure for me in spite of some proofs that we didn’t have or had a soft copy. It would have taken me probably two more hours if he hadn’t helped. And he had no need to do so since I was closing account from his bank. I take it as a random act of kindness rather than thinking it was his responsibility and all. And for once it felt really good to be on the receiving end of it. 🙂


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