Of misrepresentations

Dowry death: No HC relief for 70-year-old

What do these words convey..

This is the title of a news I read today in one of our newspapers. As per my understanding from the many similar news I’ve read earlier, this means that a girl has been harassed to death for dowry and her mother who has gone to court for seeking justice, has still not received it. Please tell me if anybody else did any other interpretation of this news.

Now the actual news is about the mother-in-law who harassed and starved and beat the girl, causing her to prefer hanging herself rather than living. This 70 year old woman is seeking bail and SC has denied because of the nature of evidence on record.

Setting aside the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with their decision, doesn’t the title of the news fail to convey its meaning. Rather than putting forth a neutral news, this news firstly creates a bias. If somebody is just scanning the titles I’m sure their interpretation will be as mine was at first. They will automatically sympathize with the old woman. Secondly, they are endorsing that a criminal such as her should get a relief just because of her age.

Have I interpreted the news wrongly..

If not, what right our media has to encourage such thoughts in a society that already treats women like dirt.

P.S: The good guys are requested not to take offence, I hope you understand what I mean by this statement.


6 thoughts on “Of misrepresentations

    • I believe media has come a long way but on the wrong path..barring a few…most of them seek to increase their ratings and create more drama in the news rather than present it neutrally to public…

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