Of the arrogant noise

I am standing with my bike in a slow moving traffic. The traffic is well controlled by the policeman standing at the signal, estimating the amount of vehicles coming from all sides and the time to be given to each of them. So we are not stuck, just going ahead slowly. Suddenly there is a continuous, non-stop honking from behind. Looking behind I see a car driven by a well dressed gentleman who is probably a professional in some company.

Another scene I observed while coming to office sitting behind on bike. A kid from poor background (I can guess from his dirty clothes and unwashed person) is driving a bicycle. He is on the extreme left of the road which is the proper lane for bikes. There is a parking lot at the turning, leading ahead to railway station. A lady on bike is behind him, probably intending to park her bike in that parking lot. Both of them are taking the same turn to the station, still she gives a loud honk to the kid.

Both these incidents and many more makes me wonder, why this impatience. It feels as if we are at an impatience high while driving on road. In the first case, the gentleman (presumably) was able to see and guess that the traffic won’t move any faster because of his honking. Nor is it an ambulance that people will make way for him. So is your I.Q only applied while at office or home, does it evaporate while driving. In the second case, if the lady had waited for few more seconds she would have reached her intended destination. If she wanted to go ahead, she could have overtook him, but no, she instead honks the poor kid who is driving perfectly fine. I have seen similar scenes with bigger cars doing to smaller cars or bikes. Literally speaking it feels like bullying or ragging to me. Why this arrogance…is it because you own a better something than the other person…or perhaps you feel your time is much more important than others. Where does this supposition come from..

Just take a cool moment and reflect (or try to) on what you are doing. The person is at par with you and since you have chosen to drive through a public route, you have no right to harass others with your arrogance or impatience. Imagine yourself in others position, probably already running late for office and some crazy guy is honking without any reason. As if by doing that he would able to drive over the heads of other people.. 😉 Jokes apart..sensible driving will be so much more sane, safe and enjoyable..


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