100 Days of Laughter Challenge – Day 23

For those new to this challenge, do check the first post and its subsequent modification 😉 to get a better idea 🙂 

Mumbai has been unusually cold for last week and I decided to enjoy it (while it stays that way, which won’t be for long 😉 ) with a morning walk. There is an area nearby where many people are out exercising, walking and what not. So there I was walking a bit leisurely, observing people, their expressions, choice of clothing and so on. It was interesting. I even saw a Bharadwaj (greater coucal) which always makes me happy. It is said if you see that bird, the rest of your day will be good. Just a myth, I know, but even so the bird is lovely to look at 🙂 and a bit of such beliefs keep things (days) interesting 😀 .

As I was walking, I saw a middle age couple (probably). The lady was holding a cellphone and the gentleman was standing rigidly (literally like a statue 😉 ) waiting to get clicked. I smiled at that, thinking of people focusing on these things instead of the lovely morning. I looked at the couple again, after a few seconds. Again the lady was taking snaps of him, but now he was giving a different pose 😀 . Thankfully I looked away in time, as I passed them, grinning widely 😀 . I went ahead thinking to write about this in a post 😉 . Turning to return back home, I was on the same path, when again the same couple crossed me. This time the guy was wearing big headphones, wearing a cap and literally dancing sort off (waving his hands n all) while walking, listening to some loud music. And the poor lady was walking beside him rigidly, a pained expression on her face, which plainly said this guy is not with me!!! 😀 😀

Wow, it was a great start to the day.. 🙂


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