The Enchanting Light – Flash Fiction – Part 3


The following work of flash fiction is in collaboration with my fellow blogger friend Jithin of PhoTrablogger. The picture above is his creative photography which inspired this series of fiction writing. Do check out his blog to read his adventures while travelling and some lovely photographs.

Character list:
Rebecca: Protagonist ( the main character)
Samantha: Rebecca’s mother
David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father
Joe: Samantha’s childhood friend
Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend
Kavin: An elderly widower works as supervisor in the monastery
Liam: Rebecca’s husband

Part 1 by Soul n Spirit
Part 2 by Ruth


Rebecca looked at both of them, confused as to why they were shouting.

“Why are you guys shouting? What is wrong Eda?” she asked, a pit of dread forming in her stomach.

Eda looked at her for a moment, as if composing herself, trying to find words to describe what she was seeing.

“Your eyes are glowing Rebecca. Can’t you feel it yourself?” Eda whispered to her.

“What happened to you, how did you faint all of a sudden?” Samantha, who had been speechless all the while, found her voice.

My eyes are glowing…Rebecca tried to wrap her head around the fact…so whatever I saw was not a dream, it was something, though I don’t know yet what that something is.

Rebecca tried to sit up to look at herself in the mirror, when she became aware of some object in her hand. Opening the fingers, she saw a familiar locket. It took her a moment to place it. So many years had passed since she had last seen it. Of course! It is Liam’s favourite locket, stunned she thought to herself. He had been wearing it when he had left. She knew that because, he never parted with that locket.

How did this come to me…suddenly she remembered Liam putting something in her hand as he said find me. So that was all true? Liam is still alive? Where is he, if he is still alive? Why didn’t he come to meet me? Why did he leave in the first place? What was that place? Paradise? How did I reach there?

Millions of questions erupted in her mind at once. But at the back of all that chaos, was a solid happiness knowing that there is a possibility that Liam is alive! And he still loves her! The thought was enough to start a stream of tears.

“Why are you crying?” she broke from her reverie hearing Eda’s voice and looked up.

“The glow is gone!!” Eda said in a shocked voice. “Your eyes are back to normal. What is going on Rebecca” she asked in a thoroughly worried voice now.

As she was about to reply, the bells started ringing, signaling the arrival of someone at the monastery. All of them were brought back to the present in a second, reminded of the impending visit of Dalai Lama.

“We will talk about this later. For now, let me see all the arrangements. I think the bells we heard must have been him arriving” Rebecca said, getting up and checking if their were any wrinkles on her dress.

All of them agreed to gather at Rebecca’s room, later at night to talk about this and left for their own work.

Will Dalai Lama be able to shed any light on this strange event…a sudden thought crossed Rebecca’s mind..

The next part of the story has been written by Sweety



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