Of the hollow statements

We are definitely going to intensify our operations in Assam“.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described the use of force against protesters by the Syrian authorities as “unacceptable

UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay urged the Syrian government to investigate the violence

I condemn in the strongest possible terms the mindless and indiscriminate terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

We deeply condemn….” … “We are deeply shocked” …

The statements keep flowing every time after a major tragedy or violence. Outrage in words! Just bland words! Those who did the act, does it matter to them how strongly you condemn their act. They want the attention. They do it for inciting outrage, anger and fear in the masses. If you are so “shocked” or “deeply condemn” the act, then if it is within your power, act swiftly. Go to the roots of the matter and destroy it. Swiftly and silently! Let your actions speak. I am tired of the words. If the people with power are reduced to giving statements, who should the citizens look to.


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